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Many of us have said it! In the terrible event that there was ever a fire or flood in our home, what would we grab on our way to safety? Our loved ones and animals for sure. Next on the list for many is our memories that are documented in that big box of photos and videos that we keep in the closet. Let's hope there is no fire but all of those memories are not easy to enjoy in that box and even harder to share with friends via email or social media.



At Digital Legacy I would like to preserve those memories for you with today’s technology and make them easy to view on your computer, smartphone, tablet or digital picture frame or enlarge for beautiful prints as well as easy to share with your friends electronically.  I will scan and convert photos, slides, negatives, videos, recipe cards, newspaper clippings, old letters and documents to digital format by hand with our state of the art equipment.



If you have some special photos, negatives or slides that time has not been kind to and they are dull and faded or they have cracks, wrinkles or stains, I can do a restoration on them to get rid of the wrinkles, cracks and stains and restore their color and vibrance.


Digital Legacy is a grass roots small business and I have over 20 years of scanning, Photoshop and graphic design experience. I will handle your special memories with great care and return them to you along with a DVD or USB Flash Drive of your new digitally preserved images that you can easily enjoy and share.


Image Restoration



Photo Scanning



Slide Scanning



Negative Scanning





 (Grandma's Recipies, Newspaper Articles, etc.)


Video to DVD